Go Where the Peace Is
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"Go Where the Peace Is" has proven to be a heart changing, life altering experience in the lives of multiple thousands of people. The Songwriters have had incredible testimonies from this music: from spiritual awakening, physical healing and freedom from addictions as people allow the Word of God in the music in their hearts. We hope you find it to be a blessing in your life as well.
Band/artist history
"Go Where The Peace Is" is more than just another Christian "Product". To "Go Where The Peace IS", as described in the Word of God... is a way of life that we, as "Believers" get to live on a daily basis. Following Jesus: THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE... is to abide in the shadow of the Almighty and that is where we find PEACE every time... His Name is Jesus, "The Prince of Peace". IF we seek Him, we WILL find Him. He IS PEACE, thus, no mater what situation we find ourselves in... when we look FOR HIM rather than AT our circumstances, we ultimately FIND HIM. In HIM there is "JOY UNSPEAKABLE and FULL of GLORY". His Glory, His Peace... "Go Where the Peace Is", that's where the Prince of Peace will be.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh Yes... Internationally.
Your musical influences
Just about everything from the "British Invasion" to "Motown R&B". From Hard Rock, Ala Led Zeppelin, to Country... especially the Pop side. Our music reflects a touch of those and more including a hint of "Regae" as well.
Anything else?
"Go Where The Peace Is", along with our other music can be purchased at our Online Music Store in an "SSL" (Securely Encrypted Environment) by clicking the link entitled: "Official Web Page" a little higher up THIS PAGE on the LEFT HAND SIDE. OR... (copy and paste the following address into your Browser) http://www.danasigmon.org/store/store.htm
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