Zer0 Disciple
Electronic Austin, TX  USA myspace.com/zer0disciple
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A wicked mix of sweet cherry-limeade and a storm of slushy monkey dung.
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Imagine being surrounded by demon-possessed giant battle droids who prefer a staring contest before they destroy you... Yup... Wierd song.
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Odd... Ok, so I took my old version of 'Re-animated' and clipped all the samples, then shortened it... Thats all.
Yes, from the second CD I created... Still could use some work.
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Brains.... Of which I don't seem to have any.
Peak in sub-genre #5
I got MAD props from the League City area in Texas for this wierd shit. This impressed the hell out of some people... Many described it as though it sounded like a chunk of a film score, but I wouldn't go that far.
Remix of death...
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What can I say? I was in a bad mood, and this was my first experiment with compression and equalization. This symbolizes my frustrating battle with Tejus's 'Mixing Engineer's handbook' and my apparent loss.
I awoke in a grave yard, hung over, and craving human souls... Hard to explain really...
Beer + Booze = Funny
A remix made almost entirely from samples of a DJ Doku song, DJ Doku was kind enough to give me permission to sample anything he created... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!
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