BrickMoney Ent
HipHop Utica, NY  USA
Thank you!
BrickMoney Entertainment... Is an independent record company from Utica, Ny. A.K.A Sin City! We are not looking for a recording deal, but we are looking for a distribution deal. We want the finer things in life. We represent the hood, straight from the 315. BrickMoney is not just a record company, but a way of life.
Band/artist history
99 percent of BrickMoney Ent, are born felons. We are real with our shit, we left the street life alone, and decided to start our own record company.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're not a band, but we do shows
Your musical influences
Master P, G-Unit, Mase,
Anything else?
Fuck Stak ~a~ Mill! Bitch ass Niggas!
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