Instrumentals Philadelphia, USA
Thank you!
DJ/Producer/Entrepenuer Hiphop, RnB, Pop, Original Movie Soundtracks Versatility and knowledge set me apart from the rest!
Band/artist history
I began as a DJ and party promoter in Philadelphia. I started spinning in the city, then met Ducketts. He showed me how to make beats, the rest is still to come....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In and around the Philly metro area, mostly at college parties and old city clubs. I do enjoy performing, although I do mostly scratching and remixing, which is only really appreciated by a small few. I prefer working at my recording studio more than performing live.
Your musical influences
Early Jazz, Motown, World Musics, Late 90s/early 00 Hiphop and pop music. Currently my favorite producers in no particular order: Dre Scott Storch Timbaland Neptunes Just Blaze Alchemest
What equipment do you use?
tech 1200, rane ttm56, shure m447s, event speakers, motu2408, dope software, few outboard pieces, and lots of records!!!
Anything else?
any and all feedback on my music is much appreciated, please contact me and let me know what you think. thanks for your time. Cabell
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