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indian in the machine
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Here's a song I love singing to...a native inspired song, with chant, big drums, with some techno bits... entire song can be downloaded in high quality at CDBaby featured on "Warrior Ignition" CD.
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I love this song so much, I wanted to sing it with Denean... I listen to this over and over.... hear her original version...
Peak position #1 7 5 Layers of vocals chanting, mixed in with irish bouzouki and bass pad sound. I like it!
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Sacred music inspired by the divine feminine. Originally written and recorded by Tracy Lundgren....added vocals by Dieter.
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.....Be like the Eagle and soar high so that you can see what is happening, be like the buffalo, your home is where you roam....featuring the voice of Harmonica Donna Lucien.
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A beautiful prayer by Sananda, set to music and chant by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine), with background drum by Trevor Morris... we invite you to connect with your spirit almighty within... this is free download, please share freely.
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