Electronic niles, USA
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CYSTEM is a sample/loop based project that produces strange and unusual electronic music.
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
occassionaly, online stream.
Your musical influences
skinny puppy, download, doubting thomas, sigur ros, photek, radiohead, FSOL, static x, cocteau twins, haujobb, aphex twin, wilco, DJ Spooky, my bloody valentine, ministry, pigface, NIN, FLA, van halen, mr. bungle, sloppy wrenchbbody, neal schon, samuel barber, scar tissue, blue oyster cult, sarah mclachan, orb, boris mikulic, marvin gaye, bob marley, ra, squarepusher, lots of others...
What equipment do you use?
G&L guitar, Roland Studio-M sequencer, Nord Lead, EMU-ESI 32 sampler, a bunch of fx units, Creative Wavestudio, ACID Pro 4.0, t-RackS.
Anything else?
to hear more Cystem music go to:,, if you're interested in Cystem loops, go to: or
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