Paul Castle
Acoustic London, United Kingdom
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Reviewing his debut CD EP ' Hold Out for
' journalist and broadcaster John
O'Regan wrote, "Paul Castle writes the
kind of songs which make songwriting the
valuable and worthy trade it is. Well crafted
intelligent lyrics set to contagious melodies
and artists like Frances Black and others
have been quick to realise this and snap up
his material. The CD 'Hold Out for Summer'
perfectly illustrates his musical and lyrical
attributes. 'Write Him a Letter' and 'Louise (Kick off your dancing
shoes) are the tuneful radio playlist staples while 'Just about leaving'
leaves a melancholy yet powerful after effect and the wistful title
track nails his melodic colours to the mast. The 'Old Bear Stories' TV
theme song shows another side with an infectuous children's song.
'Hold out for summer' proves the art of quality songwriting is alive
and well." iTunes / Soundclick Download

Paul's song 'Write him a letter' has been
covered by Irish star Frances Black, with
her sister Mary Black on harmony vocals.
Originally included on her best selling
album 'The Sky Road' which topped the
Irish charts, the song (re-titled 'Send Him
a Letter') has since been included on the
compilation album 'The Loving Time' and
also on 'The Best of Frances Black' .

But Paul is perhaps best known for his
theme song and background music
for the1993 BAFTA award-winning
Children's TV series (40 episodes) of
Jane Hissey's 'Old Bear Stories' which
has been shown in over 70 countries
throughout the world - see
Old Bear Stories TV Theme Song

Paul is also a member of the popular UK
bluegrass, Cajun and gospel country
trioThe Rosinators, described by Dee
Hallett as "fast gaining a reputation as
one of the UK's finest bands". Finalists
in the 2004 Glastonbury Festival
Unsigned Bands Competition, the band
have since played at Glastonbury and
Edinburgh Fringe festivals among many
others all over the UK and Ireland.
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