Michael Duran
Rock Sacramento, CA  USA
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a unique musical fusion of Rock, Jazz, Progressive, World, Classical and Soundtrack.
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#4 (Main) 7 8
Collaborator(s): FendrGuitPlayr
Mike Bennett and I exploring all the Shades of Blue
#20 (Main) 15 16
Collaborator(s): Andrew N Project
Andrew Negoustorov joins me on a 'killer' soundtrack for the dark comedy 'Cold Pursuit'
#5 (Sub-genre) 19 17
Collaborator(s): Swampman & The Machine
newly remastered 320kps for 2019. Swamps joins me for a tribute to Eddie Hazel and the 1970's era Funkadelic band.
#65 (Main) 23 21
For the CBC Fable Challenge, some epic music inspired by Ekaterina & her Myth & Magic series.
Peak position #3 19 17
-320kps REMASTERED 2019- A tribute to Frank Zappa, in 9/4 time. This is from act III of Joe's Garage, "Joe's Last Imaginary Guitar Solo".
#36 (Main) 13 12
This is a remake of my 2009 "Memory of a Dream" trilogy tribute to America's soldiers, serving and fallen.
#28 (Sub-genre) 12 21
A circle has no begining, no end, just one continuous sweep of the wand, and the journey continues...
#18 (Sub-genre) 13 11
Collaborator(s): Drumnjon
Drumnjon joins me on an alternate soundtrack for the Clickers Movie Challenge 2019.
Album: Project Cars Peak position #8 10 10
Le Mans 1971 - Clickers Movie Music Challenge 2019
Peak position #9 11 12
We are the future, we live at a time in history like no other..
Peak position #19 7 7
having a bit of fun with my MPK261 controller/keyboard.
#15 (Sub-genre) 14 17
Collaborator(s): Michael Duran
To celebrate our 2 new rescue kittens "Frosty" and "Ginger" welcome to your "forever home" boys!
#56 (Sub-genre) 11 15
Collaborator(s): FendrGuitPlayr
For the Clickers Chill Challenge, my additions to Mike Bennett's "Ambient One"
Peak position #74 10 17
A dreamscape for the Clickers Club Chill Challenge
Peak position #15 8 9
My homage to all our brave 1st responders, "My Hero" is from the Foo Fighters album "The Colour and the Shape"
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