Gord Lang
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I Just Need to Talk to You
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February 07, 2013
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I need some time to just sit down and talk as friends would do Today has been so filled with things that kept my mind from You The busyness of life the disappointments and the fears Its good to know I've still got You – to wipe away the tears You promised you'd stand with me when there's no one else around You silenced the accusers just by writing on the ground And the day you lost your dearest friend I know You felt the pain Lord I just need to talk to You again (So Lord I need to talk to you again) There's times I hear the question asking if You're really there Can I be sure You see it all and that You truly care If I could only hear Your voice to calm my troubled soul Then I would know You care for me and You are in control (I really need to talk to You again) I got a busy signal when I called a friend last night I felt rejected though I knew that really wasn't right I knew that You were waiting when I made the call to You And as we talked You let me know just what to say and do
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