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Paid In Full
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August 04, 2011
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Gord Lang
Gord Lang
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Jeremiah 18:1-2This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “Go down to the potter's house and there I will give you a message.” This song is a modern-day allegory of the word that came to Jeremiah. It describes the tragedy of lives that have been broken by the effects of living in an imperfect world. It offers hope to those that are struggling with guilt over life's misfortunes – whether self-inflicted or the result of third-party actions. It capsulizes the message of Calvary – that the price of our redemption has forever been Paid in Full.
It was shattered and broken – beyond repair and I wondered – what should I do now? I couldn't believe any worth remained – still it had to be paid for somehow I shuddered to look very closely at the terrible mess I had made But the note on the bill so clearly declared - “This debt has been fully paid” “Paid in full!” - but I didn't deserve so much mercy I was clearly to blame for the unsightly scene there before me And my deepest regret couldn't pay for the debt that I owed to the Potter that day But because of the depth of His unfailing love - there was nothing that I had to pay Now I tried to relieve the burden of guilt by hiding the pieces away Still hoping to find some future solution to the problem created that day But it didn't take too long to notice that even the darkest of night Provided no cover for all of my past whenever I came near the Light Well today I passed by the place where it happened and paused to remember the scene There wasn't a trace of my tragic mistake – the place was swept totally clean And the Potter had no recollection when He heard the regret of my past But when I recalled the note on the bill I truly believed it at last “Paid in full!” - though I'll never deserve so much mercy When I'm clearly to blame for the unsightly scene there before me But my deepest regret never pays for the debt that I owe to the Potter each day And its only because of His unfailing love - there is nothing that I have to pay Lord - its only because of Your unfailing love - there is nothing that I have to pay
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