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May 30, 2011
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A woman who had a hemorrhage for 12 years … and had endured much … and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all … thought, “If I just touch his garments, I will get well.” Mark 5:25 This song is for everyone who has come to the end of their own resources in seeking a solution for the pain and disappointment that this life can bring. It has been a long and costly search, and you have been totally humiliated in the process. Be assured that Jesus knows and understands your pain because He was also despised and forsaken of men and He is well-acquainted with grief.He is as near as your desperate prayer, and as you reach out to Him, however great or small your faith may be, you will be healed.
Well they say I'm unclean and I shouldn't be here Still the doctors can't find any cure And I've searched everywhere for an answer to prayer But to the righteous I'm forever impure I've done all I can do I'm just waiting for You To respond to my heart's desperate cry Lord, I've taken my stand now I stretch out my hand Let me touch You while You're passing by Now I heard how You made the blind man to see And the leper was cleansed with a word How I hope that it's true as I reach out to You For release from what I have endured When You ask - Who it was – it surprises the crowd For it could have been anyone here Then You say that I'm healed that my future is sealed By a love that dispels every fear And my waiting is through – I'm so grateful that You Took the time just to answer my cry Now where ever I go I want people to know That they can touch You while You're passing by
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