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Original lyrics, mostly looking to write to orginal music from other talented individuals. Singer/Songwriter internet MP3
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another early project out of roland mv-8800 using samples of lap steel guitar and going for a loose afro-feel from the twang bars
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fretless bass and horns with a poop load of percussion sequenced on roland mv-8800
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Collaboration with Jorge Neri Silva, a 16 year-old musician from Mexico City. I found him on My Virtual Band, now changed over to The lyrics are a bit angry, but I'm not.
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spinmeister from ccmixter is responsible for the grooving instrumental track, i laid some spaghetti flavored lyrics over it and called it ride
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made a music maker then made music with it
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Messing around with lap steel, maybe moving a little too slow
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My second collaboration with Jorge Neri Silva. Neri does the instrumental tracks, I wrote, sang and recorded the lyrics based on his input. I like Neri's compositions, brilliant beyond his years! Thanks for the tracks, let's do it again soon.
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Creative commons collab w/ douglas doright. Kickin sounds, native chants, it just hooks up and grooves. A nice new site for cc sharing,
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This moves along pretty quickly, under 2 minutes with words enough for 5. DrDrBob provided the original tracks. Great for headphones, or if you're seeking an american man.
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My first ever effort singing someone else's lyrics. Instrumental tracks by ManoReza and unknown bassplayer, words by Scunny Boy. Vocals by deadpan/skeeter.
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getting back into writing songs about girls, lol
Peak in sub-genre #43
a sketch including some words i wrote it could be a telling tale, or maybe not....feel free to wonder, or not i think the tracks are from Poxfil, not sure ackshally it needs more, but it showed up here anyway : )
Peak in sub-genre #4 2
Another artist caught my ear recently, Poxfil produces intricate music from his studio in France, the lyrics are mine. It's a dark little rant.
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This is a new collab partner from overseas, Les Cristaux Liquident. PakuPaku provided this killer dub, I wrote and recorded the bizarre lyrics.
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