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Michael Borkson
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My studio cover of the Moody Blues classic from 1967 "Days Of Future Passed"-50 years ago. I play guitar, bass, and synth on this--my friend played the drums. I met The Moody Blues in person-great artists. Photo: Justin Hayward autographed my album.
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My 12-string electric guitar cover of the great Bob Dylan protest song(Byrds style).
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We need this song--My 12-string electric guitar cover of the Chet Powers(aka Dino Valenti) song covered by both The Jefferson Airplane and The Youngbloods around 1966-67. My cover is kind of a mix of both versions.
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Song I wrote about the year 1967--50 years ago. The flower children were right about everything-peace, love, and freedom. I am playing the Indian sitar and 12 string electric guitar on my song.
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Song I wrote back in the 80s- an attempt at poetic surrealism.
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Song I wrote about getting high on life and the Spirit. Psychedelic in a non-drug way.
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A psychedelic song I wrote 20 years ago-I was trying to capture a Moody Blues-like feel. Picture-"The Calling Of St. Matthew"-The Spirit calls each one of us, leading us to peace-that is what my song is about.....
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Song I wrote with an ambient cosmic rock feel--I am very influenced by the great Moody Blues--I was always trying to write a song with that mystical feeling the Moody Blues captured.
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Song I wrote back in the 1990s-a truly patriotic song written to protest and correct all that's wrong in America.
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Song I wrote in the genre of cosmic rock--I wrote this in tribute to The Moody Blues, the mystical band of the cosmic dimension.
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