HipHop Maspeth, NY  USA
Thank you!
Dey call me C-Fax or KiLLa-C...i moved a lot wen i wuz young, like 12 times. I lived in a bunch of hoods like Tremont da Bronx, and a bunch of places in Queenz and Jerz... But i Rep Queenz all day every day...The places i ben and things i have done has put my mind state on a level ya fake ass mc's can only dream about...Ima lyrical assassin with great battling skillz and a freestlye mind frame dat no 1 can match!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The only live performances would b wen we would battle at parties n c whoes skillz is up there n who needs to go home wit there CD of intrumentals in hand...
Your musical influences
my influences would be the all time greatest rappers in my opinion...like 2 pac, biggie, big pun, big L, nas, Jay-z, The Lox, mobb deep, and dmx...all these artist have had a major efect on my rapping ablility...if it wuznt for them my love for the music wouldnt hav been as strong as it is...
What equipment do you use?
A mic and my werd play...
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