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The famous DJ CASEY Interview in Holland mentions me and my intro THE SNAKE on his fabulous set which is on then look for Uitzending gemist? then click on
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MY INSTRUMENTAL WAS SELECTED BY DJ CASEY FROM HOLLANDTO PLAY AT THE START OF HIS SET ON THE VIBE RADIO THE SNAKE is a Dance track full of drumbeats and bass sounds sort of Tribal drum...if you like it star it please xx
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Are YOU ready? means exactly that get ready to dance.
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DRUMS ... Regal , Synths...I was inspired to write this when I went to Egypt when I saw the mummy of Tutankhamun he was only tiny but commanded a huge EMPIRE this song is for him!
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Dub is a genre of music which grew out of reggae music in the 1960's, and is mostly considered a subgenre moved on to extend beyond the scope of reggae. Music in this genre consists predominantly of instrumental remixes so i put chinese with reggae
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iNSTRUMENTAL ..A FACEOFF FOR DRUMS. stay With this all through for the changes to come my best is around the 3 min mark...For those of my fans who asked for DRUMS! Listen to this every type of drum beat added in snippets...just fo r you. HEADPHONES
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I wanted this to be Jazzy but with lots of Funk see what you think have a Dance
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A CELTIC TYPE Instrumental ..This I was inspired to produce for Michael Flattley should he ever hear it? My dream is for him to DANCE to this!!!
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Me on vocals ..STICK WITH IT TILL THE 3 MIN MARK WHEN IT KICKS IN pumping dance track.
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Has been no 7 in the euro charts ..let it kick in Instrumental..all about FLUTES This is one they've be playing all over Europe been out about 3 years Still popular.
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I know I produce various but this is my fav this is the kind I like to dj..if your into exercise skip rope to this but its fast lol ...
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INSTRUMENTAL Dance track BEEN POSITION NO 4 ON THE REVERBNATION CHARTS..EVIL CONTEMPLATING SISTERS.. REVENGE IS SWEET if you like what you hear , hear the rest of track when you buy it gets BETTER!
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When your young and in love and those butterflies just make you feel so shy ..everytime he is around...
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FOR MY FANS OF NAVAHOE MUSIC, with a twist Club style , check out Apache ..
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