Morten Gjermundsen
Rock Norway
Thank you!
My name is Morten Gjermundsen.Im a guitarplayer/songwriter from Norway.I play and write music in various styles.Mostly Instrumental Rock,but also New Age,Moody Music,Acoustic,Metal..I also play bass,keyboard and mandolin.
Band/artist history
Started playing guitar in 1994,played some local friendly based bands.Then around 1999 began writing and recording music using the computer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live,at least not yet.
Your musical influences
Im very into Instrumental Rock,Symphonic Power Metal,Classical music,DIO,Nintendo music,Film music,The great musician/guitarist Lanvall..Etc..
What equipment do you use?
Gibson & Jackson Guitars,East West Quantum Leap Sounds,Roland Xv-2020,Soundfonts,Edirol PCR 80,Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth,Digitech - Whammy,V-Amp,Walden Nylon Guitar,Zoom RT-123,Takamine Guitar,Cort Bass,Morgan Mandolin,Line 6 Pod XT and various computer software/Vst's.
Anything else?
Morten Gjermundsen on Youtube Please check out the Great musicians & friends listed under comments!
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