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I am experimenting with most types of music. I'm mainly having fun, and going with whatever genre or fusion fits my mood at the time that I decide to make somet
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#37 (Sub-genre)
Whoo! I started this track earlier today with some bass, drums, and a sample, and I just finished it! I may still change a little bit of stuff in it, but it's basically done. DUBSTEP. Why isn't there a dubstep genre on this site?
Peak in sub-genre #3 1
I started working on this at 2am yesterday, and now it's finished! Reminds me of Squarepusher a bit. Vocals are six words from a poem by Saul Williams, sampled and mangled.
Another example of some stuff I've been working on. I've been learning to love samplers! This was all put together very quickly; it's me playing around. And it's more like dubstep of glitchhop, not drum and bass; the was just the closest genre here.
Peak in sub-genre #10
This song is unmastered and unfinished, but I'm almost done! I've been working on this for a long time and I'd classify it as TripStep or PsyStep or something - it's got some really space-dream wobbles!
This has some kind of Elliot Lipp sound going, or something like that. Indie hipstertronic. Put some tight jeans on this sh** .
Peak in sub-genre #25
This is just a sample of some new stuff I've been working on. This isn't meant to be any kind of composition, it's more just examples of some new synthesis and modulation techniques I've learned.
Peak in sub-genre #12
I mean, do you really need more than the song title?
Peak in sub-genre #42
I made this song for my passion project for my English class. My friend Joey wrote the guitar parts, and I did the Native American flute. The first group of vocals is a poem by Eduardo Recife, and I wrote the second part.
Peak in sub-genre #14
A rave track, inspired by the music that used in the 'Cherubim and Seraphim' episode of Morse. I know it is lighter than traditional rave (the original stuff), but I still liked that music. I felt like raving, so I made this.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Doxology (n.): An expression of praise to God. Let's see, there are some chillin breaks, time signature switches, and, what's this?! Evan chanting?! OH MY GOD! Evan's voice! Wow...
Peak in sub-genre #26
This song made me think of gentle wind, playing through the leaves. The wind chimes on my porch, gently ringing. A purifying, divine wind. Angel's Breath.
Peak in sub-genre #65
This song is chilled. It's all about summer days, directionless walks, and love of life. This song is a new style for me. I would classify it as "Beatnick 'Lectro Jazz".
Peak in sub-genre #72
Prometheus was the god that rebelled against Zeus and gave the humans fire. This song is called "Prometheus", not neccessarily because it rebels against a set style, but because it rebels against itself. You'll see.
Peak in sub-genre #80
This is the first piece in an installment of classical pieces, all of which are inspired by the Ocean. This one is my representation of waves at night - powerful, mysterious, graceful, beautiful.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Spy-themed breakbeats with a few classical elements like piano and violin. A hybrid of my own design.
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