Electronic Kilmarnock, United Kingdom
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lord apocalypse
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Hardcore, Experimental Breakbeat and Trance influenced mostly instrumental music
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Peak in sub-genre #13
I walked through a dream, this is where I ended up.
Peak in sub-genre #2
Heard Incubus 'Love Hurts' recently, liked the progression. This is my attempt at a Happy Hardcore style version.
Peak in sub-genre #3
Freeform Hardcore
Peak in sub-genre #2 1
Latest track, 90% finished, just a few small things to tidy up.
Peak in sub-genre #2
Freeform Hardcore
Peak in sub-genre #3
Peak in sub-genre #21
Latest track
Peak in sub-genre #54
Full version of latest track.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Hard driving tune
Peak position #88 1
Freeformy bouncy techno sounding track
Peak position #63 1
Newest Hardcore track, just put it up for some feedback, it's not quite finished yet. :)
Peak in sub-genre #4 3
Peak position #78 1
Thumping wistful hardcore!
Peak in sub-genre #10
My newest breakbeat track, just something good about it.
Peak in sub-genre #8
A hardcore breaks track that i created with space in mind, called it spirals after spiral galaxies. A nice wee track. :)
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