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Album: TranceFixed Peak position #12 4 1
They Come from the Deep. The Journey begins.... Looped Tibetan-style Trance Chant, Shruti, D'jembe, Didgeridoo. Buy our New Downloadable CD! Just click on 'Purchase Music @ Store' in the Navigation Links on the left side of the screen.
Album: Mystery School Peak position #8 1
Solo Trance Chant - dedicated to Lakulisha...the 28th Incarnation of Shiva.
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #28 2 1
To The Divine Mother, Source of Manifest Creation. Rythmic Sonic Chant with live vortex looping, Didjeridoo, Jingle Stick and Electronic Middle Eastern Santoor...from Our NEW CD!!
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #5 1
Captivating drums, b'erimbau bird calls, didjeridu and trance chant ring through the forest canapy. Recorded Live: Trance Chant - Stuartji Sovatsky; Klong Yaw Thai Temple Drum - Sondra Slade; Didjeridu - Vlad Cardema.
Album: Mystery School Peak position #19 3
Channeled on the 2003 Mars Approach as we merged into Indra's Holographic Cosmic Net.
Album: Mystery School Peak in sub-genre #34 2 1
In the Moment Sound Revelation
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #45 2
Primal Red Earth, born from the evolving primodial oceans of GAIA, red with oxidized Iron... Ancestral Dreaming. Talking, Shape-Shifting Didgeridoo and big chunky beats from African D'jembe`, Doumbek & Electronic Udu. From our NEW CD!
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #11 1
Lord of Fire, Lord of Yoga, Lord of the Dance...Shiva's All. The Spine Ignites. Om Namo Shivaya! Looped Doumbek: Sondra Slade (aka Auntie Matter); Kundalini Trance Chant & Shruti: Stuart-ji Sovatsky
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #53
The Pashupati Sect - the 'WILD ONES' - gather in the forest caves for the Mysterious Ecstasy of All Night Vedic Trance Rituals. Deep rich Didjeridoo, Vedic-Scat Kundalini Trance Chant with Vortex & live Looping, Shakers, and B'erimbau.
Album: Mystery School Peak position #18 1
Shiva Rules! Recorded Live at the oh-so-sweet Emergence Trance Dance Celebration at Bhakti Mandir. Stuartji Sovtasky - Trance Chant; Sondra Slade - Doumbek/Percussion; Zorg - Didjeridu
Album: TranceFixed Peak position #51
Offworld Transport live at the 2013 Full Bloom Summer Trance Dance. Udu: Deborah Cardoza - Didjeridoo: Zorg - Brass Jingle Stick: Auntie Matter - Kundalini Chant: Stuart-ji
Album: Mystery School Peak position #39 2 1
Earthy rich Didjeridoo, Middle Eastern Percussion and Sonic Trance Chant.
Album: TranceFixed Peak in sub-genre #12
Mesmerizing, Densely Layered; the Sound of the Ground of Being giving Birth to Matter. Sonic Trance Chant, Shruti, Electronic Tamboura, Small Burmese Gong, Didgeridoo, Jingle Stick, Electronic Effects. From our NEW CD!!
Album: Sonic Shamanic Trance Chant Peak position #76
Our seeds of Intention manifest and are reaped. Kundalini Chant by Stuart Sovatsky, Doumbek by Sondra Slade, Djembe by Deborah Cardoza, Didjerdoo by Zorg. Live at First Harvest 2014.
Album: Sonic Shamanic Trance Chant Peak position #88
Everyone frolicks in the meadows as the Full Moon illuminates May Day. Udu by Deborah Cardoza, Klong Yaw by Sondra Slade, Chant by Stuart Sovatsky.
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