die spinne
Alternative Calgary, Canada
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Band/artist history
after the demise of dads with no face in april of 1995, nothing musically happened for several months. finnally blaise kolodychuk, terry ramsay and scott johns decided to form a new band, "die spinne", and tried to take a new musical direction. with scott now playing bass and terry taking over most of the vocal duties, they made more hypnotic and mellow songs, a far cry from the insane mayhem noise of dads with no face. the songs were more structured and had more melody, but eventually, after playing live a few times, they fell back into the old punk rock stylings they were so used to. after combineing all of the new with the old, they had found the sound of die spinne. the album pies came out in january of 1996 and was a perfect example of this sound wich had never been heard before. the shows definatly were not like the shows in the days of dads, but the accual sound of the band was better, and the fans reponded accordingly. not as crazy, but paying more attention. continuing to make more music die spinne came out with "suicide", a collection of the best live performances they had accomplished to date. this was one of the most exciting tapes ever put together in recorded earth history. by this time die spinne was playing around calgary and they eventually released the album "die spinne visit zombie island" in december of 1997 (and well before any scooby doo movies were even heard of). going closer and closer to the punk side of things then the hypnotics, they haven't recorded since. still playing live shows here and there, the member's of die spinne persued solo projects during 1998, in 1999, the re-mix album "the art of self love" came out.
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