Rock Greensburg, IN  USA
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Old style punk/hardcore

I think the first several songs are some of the best so, I highly recogmend checking those out before checking out some others because they have interesting titles. "It's Not Loaded" is a real good new one to check out.

Stillborns' Ms Carriages and Bastards comprise a family of "special" genetical mishaps. If you are a "special" genetical mishap who enjoys excessive, bombastic ear drum assaults with shrieking guitar noise and sandpapered dildos to the anus vocals well then, you just might be a Stillborns' Ms Carriage or Bastard. Ms Carriages and Bastards will be featured on various products from time to time. So if you are a half deaf, witless' connoisseur, let me know and you might become a reborn stillborn, righteous in the eyes of Gob..and on a swell shirt.

If you can't or don't want to use their card payment method on you can send a money order or check to me with a distinct description of what you want and I'll pay by card for you and have it shipped to your location. No problem. Just make it out to Charles Martin, PO Box 666, Greensburg, IN, 47240-0666.

For all kinds of Stillborns' shirts and shits, cd, hats, cups, lunch boxes, ect, check out

This bullshit and more Scarah's many shirts, stickers and shits at Tara's many shirts, stickers and shits Brandon, aka, Bitch's many shirts, stickers and shits Mr. K's many shirts, stickers and shits Frenchy's many shirts, stickers and shits at FAtmikb.'s many shirts, stickers and shits at Ash's many shirts, stickers and shits at

Anything else?
Here're sites for 3 of Frenchy's bands. They are really great! And another Stillborns mp3 page if this one isn't working at the moment due to maintenance or anything. Why not save these sites. Check some out now and later. Emails and mails are encouraged. Contact Chuck at the linked email about anything, to see if he's got some free DDR sampler cdr's on hand or for any site technical problems. Rare Lyrics Berurier Noir lyrics
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