Stuarto Eatle
Pop Burlington, WA  USA
Thank you!
Found on an old acetate record,very scratched and wet.I got it to play once and captured it.No eq, just a scratchy piece of my history. I am the drummer
Peak position #32
Lost and transferred from a mono cassette. KPOO radio mono/live This was the last performance of our great SF band and a goodbye to the best of friends..Kenny, Michael, Tali, Sally, Mary and me.
Recorded Live with The Reggae Refuggees in 1975 on KPOO FM San Francisco This was the bands final performance and first one with me singing as our singer left the band 2 days earlier. Not to bad....
Peak in sub-genre #92
I recorded this one in 1981.....Still sounds good..
This has been lost in the vault since 1981 Another Hart Of Glass production
This is a live recording 8/04
A classic Young Rascal song from the early days... live recording.. in Port Angeles 1/05
A Poppy Rocky feel good song "work in progress'
this is a song about Angelo and Frankie, from an original story by Eliott.Eliott is playing guitar and we did this demo in a couple of hours before catching the ferry home...
This is another Love Song (brand new demo 'unfinished')
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