Woodbox Gang
Country Carbondale, IL  USA woodboxgang.com
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They call their music Trashcan Americana. They mix traditional styles of American music such as bluegrass, country, delta blues, and folk with the aggressive attitude of punk rock. Their lyrics are thoughful and unique, often quite haunting and spooky, in a fun, rural, campfire-story-teller fashion.
Band/artist history
The Woodbox Gang is a five man band hailing from Southern Illinois, performing a unique brand of music which they call Trashcan Americana. The group is comprised of Hugh DeNeal (vocals, guitar, and kazoo), Greg Edwards (bass), Alex Kirt (vocals, banjo, mandolin, washboard, harmonica, slide guitar, stomp board, kazoo, and more), and Dan Goett(banjo, mandolin, slide guitar, and vocals).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The band is ever expanding and growing. Their goal is to play everywhere they are made welcome. The band must be experienced live in order to get the full effect of what they're doing musically.
Your musical influences
Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Willie Nelson, Muddy Waters, Del McCourey, Hank Williams
What equipment do you use?
What is laying around?
Anything else?
Check the website: woodboxgang.com. For booking go to www.simonsaysbooking.com Electronic Press Kit is available at www.sonicbids.com www.myspace.com/woodboxgang
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