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Instrumentals Bowie, MD  USA
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Boss Recordings is here to supply original music for your demo or indie or commercial project release. The right instrumental, for the right message, yours. Bossbeatz/Boss Recordings will compose record, mix and deliver original music for you to complete your upcoming project or project release. I provide reasonable prices to help you complete your project or project release. I retain all copyrights to my music. Willie "B Knot" Bossie, Jr. (BMI) works from his home production studio providing instrumentals and music production services for unsigned artist, Indie and Major Artist/Labels needing music for upcoming projects and Jingles for Indie/Major Flim, Games, Radio and TV. Music Composition/Production/Licensing/Track programming QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ANSWER TO DETERMINE A NEGOTIATED PRICE: -Are you signed to a label? -Do you have distribution? -How many copies did your last project (release) sale? -What are your projected sales for your upcoming project? YOU ASK HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO USE THE BEATS YOU CHOOSE TO USE. - $250 per track YOU SAY YOU HAVE A RECORDING BUDGET Exclusive Use License For Indie artists/Labels - $800 For Major artists/Labels - price based on the recordings budget **Note beats/tracks can only be used for independent or commercial distribution only if they have been paid for in full and publishing and royalties have been consented upon through a written argeement by both parties, or a representative for the producer and/or the artist. Proper splits will be negoiated for proper PRO (Performance Rights Organization) reporting.
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