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Alternative Cape Coral, Florida  USA
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I am a 61 year old musician/songwriter, collectively writing progressive, alternative, soft and southern rock songs for at least 45 years.
Hans Boos RIP 1966-2019 Lee Sommers Project I dropped out of music for a bit in order to re group and become inspired by life and family. But let the truth be known, my Brother Hans has been the driving force in my rekindling the flame and fire in my belly. We went about 2 to 3 years without any means to record songs until recently. Hans built a new home studio. As I sampled his music the fire grew in me and I too, put together a home studio. I have gone the DAW, digital audio workstation, interface and midi. while Hans has continued with a 32 track digital console. Both seem to produce beautiful music. More about Lee and Hans Lee Sommers(Name de la stage)has been playing guitar since right about when they invented it... We think he played the first "rock" guitar - in that it was built out of stone. Hans Von Bous(name de la bullshitta es la staga)Has been playing several instruments for many years. For years they have played music together and have written hundreds of songs. They would sometimes be the entertainment at family get togethers, etc... Lee being the elder brother had musical experience first and was an inspiration to his younger brother, Hans. Lee played in a band called Mountain Ash and jammed guitar at home sometimes, playing the acoustic and singing John Denver and such. Hans joined in with harmonies and started playing drums on a banjo skin. Later the kit grew to paint cans, bass drums, snares, and other household percussion objects. Lee's guitar playing talent progressed and Hans picked up other instruments along the way and they both put together what they could eventually both contributing renditions of several instruments, voicings, styles, etc... Reason 10 DAW software. Akai midi keys controller, Beringer interface. digital recorder and electronic drums, keys, guitar and bass and vocals and 30 years collective experience. ... Our influences? Lee's first infuence was country rock and John Denver. Then moved on to Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and rush. As for Hans he was greatly infuenced by Led Zepplin, ala John Bonham and Rush ala Neil Piert. Favorite spot? N.Y.C. however they live in sw. Florida now. ©1997-2019 SoundClick Inc.
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Hans's son Brandon and I wrote this song
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just a tad bit dark
#26 today (Sub-genre)
Collaborator(s): Rodrica Rudge
This is a song that Rodrica Rudge and I collaborated on. Rodz wrote the lyrics to this piece I wrote last month. It was a great honor to have the privilege to vocalize to her well written lyrics. Enjoy
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Song Hans and I wrote just after hurricane katrina
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Song my brother Hans ans I wrote in 2010
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A song Hans and I wrote in 2005 using our 1st. digital system
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This is just a taste.
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