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Dj Fusion Star music for parties or for a sonic mindtrip listening purpose. Mainly electronic, rap and pop. Enjoy!
Hi, this is my 4th 'serious' artist alias for releasing my music for people to hear. I use Reason 10.2 for everything and I'm actually very satisfied for using this software. Music making is the biggest positive thing in my life and I can't see me quitting yet. It all started when I was a kid. I noticed that I have a musical gift to repeat music that I heared. My parents took me to an Estonian choir and I took some piano lessons too. But the rest of it is all selfthaught. I still learn as I go, but my skills to produce music are already very good imo. I'm trying to leave certain things out from my music that I did with Reflexion X. My dream is to achive something bigger than so far. Music making in a serious level means shitloads of hard work. It's a lifestyle. I focus on a club, techno, house, dance, trance, breakbeat and other electronic genres. But propably will do some rap and pop as well. My mom said that music making is a great way to get a message to thousands or even millions of people and sometimes I really enjoy to put some messages into my lyrics. I have three languages that I speak, i.e. Estonian, Finnish and English. So I do vocals in these three languages. My motto is: Be influenced by everything and just do it. :)
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