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Album: DeePee EP #44 (Sub-genre) 1
With God on your side, battles will be won. No matter what the enemy tries to do it's No Competition for JESUS!!! Battles fought, victories won!
Album: DeePee EP Peak in sub-genre #16 2
Riding for HIM is what I do, when you ride for HIM your life will change for the better. Ride For HIM!
Album: DeePee EP 1
When you trust in Jesus and put Him first, You will feel real good. Got me Feeling Real Good Right Now!
Album: DeePee EP 1
Wrote this for my sister Tara struggling with addiction. Jesus loves you, we love you, Come Home. Pray for you all the time.
Album: DeePee EP 1
JESUS on my side, who can be against me? The enemy Can't Hold Me Down.
Album: DeePee EP 1
When you receive JESUS in your life, you will be addicted to HIS love. That's when I realized what I was missing, He got me, JESUS GOT ME.
Album: DeePee EP 1
The Holy Spirit will lead you, sometimes you might not want to do what its leading you to do. But once you stop holding back, the stronger you will become as a spiritual warrior and closer you will get to being free.
Album: DeePee EP 1
GET FREE, the goal every spiritual warrior should have and spread to others. The only way to get free is with HIM.
Album: DeePee EP 1
Sometimes Christians just need to take a deep breath and Exhale, it ain't always easy, matter of fact the stronger your grow spiritually the more the enemy tries to attack. Exhale, put all your faith in JESUS and remember HE is on your side.
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