Craig Guerrieri
Rock North Port, FL  USA
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Craig Guerrieri
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One-Man-Band; Songwriter; Multi-Instrumentalist; Audio Mixing and Mastering; Video Production; Real Musician, absolutely no looping stations or drum machines.
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#14 (Sub-genre)
A ballad about unconditional love, and the forgiveness it can bring. This song is dedicated to my beloved Daughter, Nicole.
Album: Different Strings #44 (Main) 1
Progressive Rock instrumental, written by Craig P. Guerrieri. Lead Guitar: Elmo J. Karjalainen, recorded at KC Sound, Turku, Finland (April 2017). All other instruments recorded by Craig Guerrieri at Cygnus Studios, Florida, USA (March 2017).
Peak position #37 1
It's Zappa time once again, the Genius of Progressive Rock.
Peak in sub-genre #4
A beautiful, yet heartbreaking power ballad, about a woman making an impassioned plea to her love not to leave her for another. This is another one of my "Reverse Karaoke" experiments, using a Celine Dion acapella vocal track.
Album: Different Strings Peak in sub-genre #12
Time for some rowdy Punk Rock, Ramones style!
Album: Different Strings #28 (Sub-genre) 1
A faithful reproduction of the Patsy Cline classic.
Album: Different Strings Peak in sub-genre #5
A rendition of the popular song from the movie "Sing!", featuring my 5 and 10-year-old granddaughters, Gabby and Bells on vocals. A favorite of theirs, they absolutely belt their little hearts out on this track!
Album: Different Strings Peak position #37 1
A cover of the Frank Zappa classic.
Album: Different Strings Peak in sub-genre #15
I been searchin' low and high...
Album: Different Strings Peak in sub-genre #23 1
A great tune from what I consider to be the Rolling Stone's best album, "Exile On Main Street".
Peak in sub-genre #18
The classic Stones tune, from the even more classic Stones album, "Sticky Fingers".
Album: Different Strings Peak position #56
A cover of the Poison classic.
Peak in sub-genre #4
A "reverse karaoke" experiment, on which I play all instruments around an acapella Celine Dion vocal track.
Album: Different Strings Peak in sub-genre #9
Cover of a Monkees tune from their album "Justus", the last one recorded with all the original members.
#64 (Sub-genre)
A cover of the Deep Purple ultra-classic, by a then rusty multi-instrumentalist. Interesting song facts at:
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