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Thank you!
I came to this world and as i remember my first thoughts: "These people on this planet have real massive problems and they have no idea that they have them nor how to manage them, from schhool neighbours, friends family...all have really hard problems was my first impression, and need help. First i gave what i had and helped where i could, mostly i just heard what they had to say as far as they had mostly never the energy to hear what i said, so but now i know maybe my love is endless, but my energy is not endless so i first try to help myself and that´s hard enough here. In 48 years of taking Prozac, Fluoxetin, Paroxetin, Trevilor, Quetiapin or Seroquel, and maybe thousands of other Pharmaceuticals, but they all had not any expectation i had in them first i read the manual, so i put them to the garbage. Like Jesus said: "The good behold, the bad or not good things forget. Otherwise we had to put almost every book to the garbage, expecially the Bible or Koran. I don´t look TV since 5 years or longer, cause it bored me that they totally fade out all which has anything to do with Spirituality or Believe or which goes beoyond our little Material World, everybody feels that this can not be all, it would be a bad joke. So i studied hard in the Religions, Philosophies, Sports, Pharmazeuticals, Women and other things ... but in the end Cheerfullness also by me kept through ;.)
Band/artist history
I produced Psytrance from 2000 to 2011 with a friend, our acts were called "Psychonaut" and "Aerolink", we did 4 own CD´s and were on hundreds of samplers in this Genre. And we played on many parties all over the world. But "The Consume Monkeys" are a new project or Band, i play a long time and i often wrote something which was in my mind.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes many times, on Parties all over the world, maybe the greatest 5000 in Köln.
Your musical influences
Wave, Gothic(Rock), Rock, Rock´n Roll, Hardrock, Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Goa etc.. Electronic Body Music
What equipment do you use?
We use the computer at the moment only for recording the band. A Gibson Les Paul copy from Harmony, Fender Western Guitar, Drums, Base in black and more Guitars. 30 Years making music withg comouter is really boring for me now since i am also Elelctronician and IT-Technician, and today everybody who can buy a computer and some software can make music there is not much which i would call music. I think what the 3 big Record Companies serve us as music is more muzak maybe :-).. And Rock´n Roll is dead at the latest Cobain shot his brain away. But i like it :-).. and i just hear what i like...also if the whole world would hear Beyonce, i would hear it surely not, i think these girls are all only badder copies of Madonna...copies are always badder than the original so i am mostly interested in originals where the music came from.. Beatles or Elvis or others who made the way for Rock´n Roll and everything later is often only a little idea the Beatles had, but they had hundreds of these in one song, strange how by chance meet 4 guys and make in 7 years so much creativity and good songs maybe the best thing i ever heard in this world, what would John Lennon do today, i think like Elton John, people like him are so rare, he knew he would be shot before, but he had no fear of death.. he said "it is like going from one car into another".. i have also no fear of it, i know so deeply that death is only something for our body otherwise all intelligent people who lived here and were mostly killed of course like we do it since i believe 5000 years, and if Luther King, ghandhi, Jesus, Lennon, the list is endless which were alle people who wanted something good and this is the first thing for them to die not a normal death, for me i would die for the truth, no question. Maybe it was the plan that he dies, like 2000 years before a guy called John the Baptist was cut his head for nothing... he was so genius and had a hard outside but a very sensible heart, his wife said as he heard what we do to women he cried hours, without this sensivitiy nobody could make such songs, for always the last option when i am totally down i hear just Beatles or Lennon and i feel better, i maybe would be dead without music since a long long time. I don´t know why but the music is getting slower and slower and more boring and uninteresting every year which is in TV (which i dont look since 5 years maybe) or Radio or in the Net. The latest song i really found great was "devil pray" from Madonna... i must say that i also dont look too much what goes on in the underground, i am no big Hop Hip Fan, maybe Snoop Doggy, i dont like music only for the brain and not for the heart or with always the same feeling. I like good songs like Nick Cave sad, writing good songs is getting harder and harder since everything which is possible already is done.. Kraftwerk sad in 1975 that every possible sequence of tones or accords is done now... nothing new in sight ... strange days have found us ?!
Anything else?
Life is holy, Leben is heilig, never forget this, if all people would think like that we would in short time change the world from darkness to light. Only one thought could change the whole world... If we all would think like this but there are always people who don´t understand also if they studied on the University ... Strange days have found us.
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