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The orchestral and vocal numbers you listen here are arranged and sequenced by Kishore Sen. Kishore Sen is a composer / arranger and loves to work with Project 5 and Dimension Pro. He has been selected and projected as a featured artist by Project 5. "Insanity II" created solely with Project 5, which was the winner in the contest, can be heard at and . You may perhaps think that these musical pieces were performed by a band of minimum 30 musicians. But don't get surprised to know that this is a one-man-band. ================================================== ================================================== Click on the MUSIC above to listen and download the songs. For his other compositions log on to and
Band/artist history
It's a one-man band, and the key man behind this page is : Kishore Sen. +913325556652 +919830563542 Voice is lent by the young talent Ms Jhumur Banerjee Please send your feedback to the address mentioned above.
What equipment do you use?
A Compaq Laptop with AMD 64 and a Pentium IV desktop with compatible software alongwith a Roland XP 60 and Guitars and power amp. Barring 4 Electric Steel Guitar numbers all the parts are sequenced.
Anything else?
A good number of Tagore's works are available here in western classical format, which is a must-listen for all the music lovers For more songs, check out and YOU MAY PLEASE OFFER YOUR FEEDBACK AT THE MESSAGE BOARD also.
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