Acoustic STAFFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom pianoman.one
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Hopefully bringing to life the Music of Robert Docker in the 21st Century. (2018) Stream only.
#1 (Sub-genre)
Johnny Mandell Cover. Recorded live on Yamaha PSR E423 Keyboard.
#3 (Main) 1 1
Ibiza, the Vegas of Spain. Clubs, sea, sun, sex and booze. Brits love it!
#1 (Main) 1
Music and Photo by www.pianoman.one 2019 (Canary Islands).
#1 (Main)
(Spring In Madrid) A mi familia espanola. To my Spanish family - my granddaughter especially.
#9 (Main) 1
Robot Porno Movie track. :)
#5 (Sub-genre) 1 1
Summer 1979!! This is what I was doing way back then (as well as the girls and booze!)
Peak position #5
Jimmy Van Heusen. Some songs are meant to be sad . . .
Peak position #1
Piano Solo. Tasty and stylish mid 20th Century piece transposed, arranged and played on Yamaha by yours truly.
#2 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Medicine for the Doctor from pianoman.one Like myself, a lifelong Erroll Garner fan.
Peak position #1 2 1
Italy. Folklore has it that a tarrantella dance alleviates death after a Tarantula bite. I'd just prefer to avoid Tarantulas.
Peak in sub-genre #1
Me talking to Lounge Guests then Gulbransen "Palace" Organ Pontins Holiday Village, North Wales.
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Peak position #2 2
Making contact "may not be positive" a stark warning from the late Stephen Hawking.
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