Mark Genesis
Urban La Grange, TX  USA
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Hello, I am Mark Genesis. A fully dedicated 20 year old who spends all his time writing, recording and designing.
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Peak position #43
A slow R&B/Soul based ballad about discovering a love interest on different terms. Without the hypersexualization, without the monetary benefits, without the masks and falsely created personas. Just you, the soul and intimate relations that reside de
Peak position #91
This song is describing the very beginning of a love affair. There has been no intimate contact, they are dissecting each other and diving into each other's state of mind. Ultimately setting the stage for what should be a passionate and lustrious uni
Peak position #70
This song is about using the negativity of others and turning it into motivation to always exceed the expectations. It is about not letting anyone rain on your beautiful parade, it is a dance-able and fun anthem that makes you groove but also empower
Album: PSYCHE Peak position #66
Collaborator(s): Jude Beats
The lead single for my forthcoming album 'PSYCHE' that will be out on August 3rd, 2018!
A fun summer single with an underlying message in regards to confidence in the way you live your day to day life and not magnifying the strains of others words and opinions.
Album: Memorandum Peak position #1
The second single from 'Memorandum'. This is a feel good song that instantly makes you wanna dance. The topic surrounds a fresh couple feeling each other and enjoying a musical connection on a night out.
Album: Memorandum Peak position #6
The lead single from 'Memorandum'.
The lead single from my debut album 'Memorandum'.
Album: Memorandum Peak position #14
This poem interlude talks about we indulge in love and infatuation as if it was a drug.
Peak position #6
This song describes a person who has went through alot of personal and emotional trauma and their lover is their confidant and helping them heal from the wounds they have endured.
Album: Memorandum Peak in sub-genre #51
This track surrounds an intimate partner wanting more and more of their object of affection to the point as where it's borderline obsession, hence the ominous vibe of the song.
Album: Memorandum Peak in sub-genre #94
Album: Memorandum Peak in sub-genre #45
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