A Field Of Dreams 49
Rock Ford, WA  USA
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Ronald F Elliott
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#32 (Sub-genre)
I used a synth beat and added all the rest; 24 kt Lady
#20 (Sub-genre)
Again, I used a drum beat and added all the rest; it turned out to be: Searching-001
#47 (Main)
Ron did all the tracks; he did use a Roland drum beat T 88. Like a NY...final
#99 (Main)
Ron used a Roland durm beat; and, he added all the rest. Right Time
#19 (Sub-genre)
Ron did this one; Old Man's Story
#77 (Main)
Ron used a Roland beat and added all the rest. Take What's Given
Peak position #27
Daniel laid down this vocal to a synth beat; Ron added the rest. You Make My Heart Strong
#62 (Main)
Ron put this all together; Red, White & Blue
#25 (Main)
Ron used a synth beat, a rhythm guitar, and a vocal; I could have added more, but, chose not to do so. ...another sad, but, true
#57 (Main)
Ron put together this collection; No way out...
#15 (Sub-genre)
Again, Daniel laided down a vocal to a synth beat; and, Ron added the other tracks; High Priority
#27 (Sub-genre)
Daniel used a synth beat and did this vocal; Ron added the other tracks. Take What You Need
#58 (Sub-genre)
Daniel sang this new vocal to a synth beat; Ron added additional tracks. I'm Fallin' In
#18 (Sub-genre)
Ron used one synth beat; and, then, he added the other tracks. Turned out to be, Don't Bother Me
#23 (Sub-genre)
Ron put together an instrumental and Daniel added a vocal to it. It turned out to be, Kindness
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