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MIRACLE OF ALL - Live Acoustic
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October 26, 2010
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Writer (words/music)
Evyn Charles
Evyn Charles
Story behind the song
A guitar-vocal demo of an overt worship song. Lyrics are a little cliche for the genre but I am still proud of the music and arrangement, especially when the second half comes in with the 3 counter melodies.
My Lord, I never really loved Until you showed me how to love And all I thought I knew before What on earth was I sure of? All my life I stumbled in the dark Now I’m walking in your light Each day brings a miracle I had only dreamed about Lord, I was scared I was running away There was pain in my life I just couldn’t face But your love made me strong I’m no longer afraid Of clearing the obstacles Out of my way Now I see the world as if my eyes Had never clearly seen before At last I finally realize All there’s to be grateful for Each day brings a new miracle Thank you, Lord for all of your miracles You are the most incredible Miracle of All! (Optional) VAMP—Repeat until cue (Voice 1) You are, you are, you are (Voice 2) The most incredible; (Voice 3) Miracle of all ENDING You are the most incredible Miracle of All!
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