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RECORDING=PERSONAL STUDIO Children/Novelty song. "When you take the Llama out of Kalamazoo, all that's left is a... Kazoo!"
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March 30, 2011
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3:29 minutes
Writer (words/music)
Evyn Charles
Evyn Charles
Story behind the song
Based on a true story... NOT! Someone asked me if I had a song that would provide a little levity--or comic relief--to an otherwise "serious" upcoming concert. The idea was to have a section of the song where the audience could play a kazoo. A few days later, I was asked to provide children's songs for a commercial project. This is a way to accomplish both goals at the same time ;)
There was a Llama who escaped from the Cleveland Zoo And came to settle down in Kalamazoo Being a pack animal, he made a good living Helping folks around the county with moving and hauling Became a respected citizen as time went on And he was proud of his wooly hair, which he liked to grow long But now he’s been missing for a very long time And from every corner, people are crying: Mister Llama, come back to Kalamazoo We’re simply not the same without you ‘Cause when you take the Llama out of Kalamazoo The only thing that’s left is a… kazoo, wooh A kazoo, wooh-ooh, a kazoo One day, a group of thugs caught him by surprise He fought them hard and kicked and spit in their eyes Still they got the better of him and cut off his wool Which, everybody knows, was definitely uncool There he was cold and hurt, naked and ashamed Just couldn’t show himself without his beautiful mane So he left without a word to his neighbors and friends Now they’re all afraid they’ll never see him again Mister Llama, come back to Kalamazoo Don’t you realize how much we need you ‘Cause when you take the Llama out of Kalamazoo The only thing that’s left is a… kazoo, wooh A kazoo, wooh-ooh A silly kazoo, wooh, an annoying Kazoo, wooh-ooh Mister Llama, come back to Kalamazoo We’ll never let anything bad happen to you We already lost the Checker Cab Company and Gibson Guitars Now the whole town is wondering where you are Come back please and we’ll build you a statue Anything’s better than listening to this… Crazy kazoo, wooh, this nutty kazoo, wooh-ooh We’re all sick of hearing this insane kazoo, wooh Please make it stop, we can’t take anymore of this lunatic kazoo If this noise keeps up, we’ll be the ones locked up in a zoo Mister Llama, come back!
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