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FIRE CHIEF SONG - Live Acoustic
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RECORDING=ACOUSTIC DEMO See "Story behind the song" below.
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October 04, 2011
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Evyn Charles
Evyn Charles
Story behind the song
Many people have stories about this famous beverage and I thought it deserved to be immortalized in song! The Fire Chief is considered the strongest drink in the South Bay of Los Angeles. It is served at landmark restaurant and bar Tony's on the Pier in Redondo Beach, where I have been playing music for the last several years.
Drink a Fire Chief; yeah, a Fire Chief It’ll take away your troubles, steal them just like a thief Yeah, drink a Fire Chief and another Fire Chief Just what the doctor ordered for blessed relief Yeah, that’s the Fire Chief! The cop pulled me over, said “Get out of the car Where have you been?” I said “Officer, I just came from Tony’s Bar” He goes “Well, that explains why you’re only wearing your white cotton briefs You must have had one too many of those famous Fire Chiefs” Since it was my first time, he let me off with a warning I took a cab home but couldn’t remember a darn thing in the morning I went looking for my ride but the parking space was empty That’s when it all started coming back to me I had a Fire Chief and another Fire Chief I started speaking French and ordered an aperitif Then I had one more Fire Chief Come to think of it, I may have had two more Fire Chiefs I forgot my name and my political beliefs, it all started with a Fire Chief! There was a bald guy on guitar playing all my favorite tunes Man, that’s the best time I ever had in a saloon I ate some calamari and shrimp that tasted like coconut My breath was so strong, you could light it up! It’s a Mai Tai with 151 rum It can take any Einstein and make him dumb You can call it a firebomb, a fireball or a fire engine The bartenders know what you mean, they’ll keep pouring It’s tasty and sweet, comes in a souvenir glass They’re really nifty, collect ‘em, all the regulars have a stash Even the President, when he’s in town, he comes to Tony’s Calls himself the Commander-in... Fire-Chief! So, drink a Fire Chief; yeah, a Fire Chief It’s the top head honcho, the big boss of all the drinks Yeah, it’s the Fire Chief; they call it the Fire Chief Forget your worries, turn over a new leaf Yeah, that’s the Fire Chief!
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