Urban los angeles, CA  USA
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Originally from our Nation's capitol, Washinton D.C., it is in the church choir of his S.E. Georgia church that gave Jamez May the inspiration for his music. A
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When you finally realize that you have had enough..and you are just sick of them...
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When love is so good that it makes you feel like your high on drugs..
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That feeling you get inside , when the one that you secretly love is near you...
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Letting a beautiful woman who is clearly going through pain in her day-t-day- life, that it's going to be allright and that in my eyes she should be able to see forever with me..
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Your the life of the party..Girl don't you hurt nobody..Love the way your working that body..dime piece shorty..it's clear to see..you know what your doin'
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The only place you need to be..is right here with me!
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No matter what you do or how hard you try, you can't seem to get that special someone out of your mind..
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