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ArtBugz Records is a deluxe label where ladybugs create all the music, for further distribution. On a more serious note, it's a label which was created to publi
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Peak in sub-genre #35
Beach party clarinet version
Peak position #38
Midi record by Kyrylo Stepanenko some mistakes here and there. DC al fine makes it too long imo
Peak in sub-genre #29
featuring samples from Dark Side of the Moon, some clicks at the end... 2003
Peak position #73
from Outlined 2008
Peak position #85
from Outline album, 2008
Peak in sub-genre #9
from Guardian Angel 2007
Peak position #89
Extra from Enter the Line (ABR002)
Extra from Enter the Line (ABR002)
Peak in sub-genre #5
from Skyline Switchout album. 2006
Peak in sub-genre #7
Peak in sub-genre #7
Ejay track from ~2002
Peak in sub-genre #9
from Outlined album (ABR010)
from Outlined album (ABR010)
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Instrumentals - Gangsta
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