Jazzbo Jamerson III
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I am a one-man garage-blues-inspired-rock-jazz-folk band from Little Egypt, Illinois! Razzle Dazzle em' & they'll never catch wise! Brown-Eyed Soul-Blues
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Peak position #67
featuring Texas Red III also featuring Louisiana Red III also featuring Red Buttons III also featuring Henry James "Red" Allen III
Peak position #19
featuring Baby Tate III also featuring The Fruit Jar Guzzlers incl Highway 61 Blues jam
Peak position #55
Featuring Hip Linkchain III Also Featuring Boney Eyes Dawg Washington III
Peak in sub-genre #9
featuring Alfred"Snuff"Johnson III also featuring Nathaniel"Pops"Overstreet III
Peak position #42
featuring Six Cylinder Smith III !!! What I love about playing music (is) because I did my own singing and do my own thing, didn't have to worry about nobody crossin' me. Hats Off To Sir Jack White III !!!
Peak position #50
featuring Texas Slim III
Peak position #82
Well well well Law'd Have Mercy ! Yes Yes Yes ! Pho Sho ! Jazzbo Jamerson III on honeydrippin' vocals, slide guitar, footstompin' 'Listen here, my guitar says what I says, ya dig ?'
Peak position #80
Another folk smash!
Peak position #88
CURES ALL ACHES AND PAINS !!! Papa Muddy Waters invented electricity!! THIS WEEK'S HIT!
Peak position #96
Produced by Chasey"Kokomo"Collins III Co-Produced by Kokomo Arnold III & Texas Slim III featuring Jazzbo Jamerson III on honeydrippin' vocals, One-String Diddley Bow slide, acoustic parlor guitar slide, and acoustic dobro guitar slide !!!
Peak in sub-genre #14
Pick up on it one time for the one time one time !!!!
Peak in sub-genre #13
Who likes Rock N Roll Up In This Camp One Time ??? !!!! Hats off to Elmore James, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King , and Jazzbo Jamerson !!! Don't let your wifey listen to this song or she'll get pregnant !!!!!
Peak position #77
(featuring Herbert"Woo Woo"Moore III)(Swamp-Bomb remix) https://soundcloud.com/kingumbopa/the-new-real-standin-at-the-crossroads-blues-part-2featuring-henry-rufe-johnson-iiiacoustic
Peak in sub-genre #7
Train time one time for the one time yaw !!! I ain't lyin' to ya! I just metcha !!! Well, Smokestack Lightnin' !!!
Peak position #80
This ain't nothin' but a tribute to my Rock N Roll Unc Jeff May He Rest In Power!!!!!!! Produced by Sam"Suitcase"Johnson III Inspiration from Mississippi Fred McDowell, Bukka White, R.L.Burnside, David Lee Roth, Johnny Cash, Unc Jeff, & Frank Sinatra
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