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Beats for Rap|Hip Hop Instrumentals|FL Studio|Simple Beats from a Simple Person.
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*BMP:?* Beats with Strings and Cellos Melody,with powerfuls drums.
*BMP:81* Beat with a Club Organ synth,with a Saw Lead,a Brass Lead like Bass and 808 Drums.
*BMP:99* Free Beat with 8 Bits Lead Syth,Plucks and 808 Drums.
*BMP:87* Beat with Creppy Puckled Sythn,with a Epic Pad and a Angel Warp with Angry Drums.
*BMP:73* Epic Beat with Inspirational Synt,and Drums,Snares and Hats.
*BMP:94* Beat with Dark Brass and Piano syth,with Drums,Claps,Snares and Hats.
*BMP:82* Beat inspired in Tristan's Beat,used in Deadpool vs Boba Fett (ERB),Dance Leads,Futuristic Arps,Silly Bass,Drums,Claps,Snares,Hat and Crashs.
*BMP:76* Beat with Victory Synth,Claps,Drums,Snares and Hats.
*BMP:100* Beat Uptempo with Cellos,and hard drums.(10$ Lease Untagged,40$ Exclusive Untagged)
*BMP:83* Beat Free for Holidays,Strings,Drums,Snares,Claps and Hats.
*BMP:67* Beat with Inspirationals Strings and lows Drums,Snares and Claps.($10 Lease Untagged,$40 Exclusive Untagged)
*BMP:90* Beat with a Electro and Piano Melody with Snares,Claps and Drums ($10 Lease Untagged,$40 Exclusive Untagged)
Peak in sub-genre #81
*BMP:75* Beat with 8 Bits Melody with Claps,Snares and Drums ($10 Lease Untagged,$40 Exclusive Untagged)
*BMP:88* Beat with Hits,Strings and catchy drums ($10 Lease Untagged,$40 Exclusive Untagged)
*BMP:100* Beat with a Saxo ($10 Lease Untagged,$40 Exclusive Untagged)
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