Spiritus Leach
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I'm a Gothic Artist who creates music, writes and preforms Spoken Word Poetry.
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#80 (Main)
Somewhere in a town located in Newark,NJ there lies a strange house where many happenings have taken place. This is called The House Of Death. Ghoulish Synth reminiscent of a 70's Horror feel.
Peak position #69
An alternative remix of a song from my Dark Nights In Shadowlands album
#67 (Main)
A look at the current state of the world and it inspired me to write this grim and prophetic piece of poetry.
A look at the current state of the world and it inspired me to write this grim and prophetic piece of poetry.
Peak position #30
13 is considered an unlucky number to most but to me is when my spiritual and journey into the occult began.
A dark and motivational Poem that I've created and it speaks of triumphing over my past obstacles and certain enemies when I was young. Now ever since then I have made the best of things and buried them in my Gothic Graveyard.
Peak position #72
The feeling of pure terror creeps in your heart and mind, As the deranged monster looks for you perhaps soon to find.- Spiritus Leach "The Dark Prince" . UNDEAD NECROPOLIS ALBUM WILL SOON COME TO THIS EARTH
Peak position #75
My Youtube channel Youtube.com/DARKANGELSPIRIT13
#21 (Sub-genre)
Conflicted between the futuristic world that is a dark Dystopian landscape and the past back in the Late Regency early Victorian Era. I see down both roads but what calls me is from an unknown source..SPIRITUS NOCTURNUS IS SOON
#39 (Sub-genre)
Undying Will (Gothic House Mix) for 2019!! Undying is from Nightmare Mix Vol.II
Peak position #61
I'm an old school Ghoul. I'm not really into the new modern Horror I like things quite classic and this is a tribute to those classics in a more 50s and 60s type of Horrorsurf style but in a Ghoulish Synth way
A Gothic Poem that speaks on me never forgetting those memories of the past. Never Forget is a Gothic Poem is from my latest album Nightmare Mix Vol.II which can be purchased here https://spiritusthedarkprince.bandcamp.com/album/nightmare-mix-vol-ii
Peak position #57
My introduction to my second album #NIGHTMAREMIXVOL1
Peak position #85
A song dedicated to Halloween, created and copyrighted by Spiritus Leach
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