Metal Mumbai, India
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An Indian metal band making a mark on a global scene in their own way. Armed with two kickass albums, Metakix continues to intrigue listeners everywhere with th
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True heroes are often forgotten easily. Figure it out!
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(((You wake up, you meticulously plan to go about your life in a certain way. You try everything in your power to toil towards the goals you've defined for yourself. You feel 'in control'. Guess what? Elsewhere, someone has already made plans for
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An instrospective on surviing the challenges of life and coming out victorious.
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The first 36 secs is a song called SoundCheck. Intoxication does not neccessarily have to be via the bottle/smoke/needle-way. People get intoxicated on money, on lust, on love, on laughter, on pain, on their newly bought car...
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How conducive it is to say, "I am an Athiest!" Be it God, the Devil or your music; there is a certain level of reverence to your passion.
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The fate of the world is the End. With all others he meets his demise. When thrown into purgatory he who is 13 in the world of mortals, is just one in the beyond.
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