Pop Shropshire, England, USA
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Mrcorbett is the musical alter ego of English Singer-Songwriter Warren Jenks, Mrcorbett is a quirky lyrical chap who loves to dabble in many styles of music.
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Peak in sub-genre #17
Quirky Acoustic Blues about facing up and defeating your inner demons, haters and bullies all in one confrontation!
He came down from Planet Nox with his cheesy pop song!
Peak position #58
Bouncy Pop with a hint of Reggae
Peak in sub-genre #16
If only all people were like this character!
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
Song about unrequited love but between who is the twist! Care to have a guess? :)
Cheery pop song with a hit of sunshine Ska
Peak position #35
A Poetic wish list which has nothing to do with zig a zig ah
Peak in sub-genre #59
From my 2016 Album "Clockwise World" A song all about finding inner peace when outside all appears gloomy and miserable!
Peak position #72 1
A celebration of all the nice nutters of the world
Peak position #51
The Merry Monarch v Cromwell, history was exciting back then!
Peak in sub-genre #30
Ever fallen in love with a set of Traffic Lights? Here be my tale of devotion!
Peak in sub-genre #45
This little bird only whispers good things!, as do all real friends to keep us on track when life gives us a good kicking!.
Peak in sub-genre #37
Anybody ever wanted to hitchhike to a fresh start on a new planet?, then hope that it really is a much better place than our blue dot in the universe
Peak position #94
Eco song told in Q & A good cop bad cop as you wish!
Peak position #84 1 1
A song about that troublesome blighter L O V E
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