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Jay Brymer
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Peak in sub-genre #54
Just a mid tempo fun bop.
Peak in sub-genre #48 1
edm/dance song
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
simple upbeat rocker leaving song!
Peak in sub-genre #71
came up with a piano riff and the words just started coming out. It was a pretty easy song to write and pretty on point about what's up in my life right now. I love it.
Peak in sub-genre #60
slower pop jam that i wrote on my guitar then added a drum loop, distortion and a simple piano for the record. it's about the grief process after losing my mom
Peak in sub-genre #72
A Self Empowerment theme set to an 80's groove. Ain't no wrong in turning up. We get so emotional! Indigo Child appears courtesy of Soundcloud.
Peak in sub-genre #44
poppy piano breakup song... there may or may not be some cussing =)
Peak in sub-genre #89
song i wrote for my friend kate back in maine whom i miss terribly! 3
a bit of a sad song about missing someone during the holidays.
Peak in sub-genre #91
fun song about just bein yourself.
Peak in sub-genre #79
from "Wild Horses." dramatic strings and sparse beat.
Motorcycles are the ultimate image of freedom to me and that is what this song is about
Wrote this one as a dance tune but stripped away all the beats to just add the piano. A pretty honest tune about holding on too long. That moment you realize exactly what you're doing to yourself.
Peak in sub-genre #87
The song came about late one night as I was going through past relationships and clearing out the air with a bunch of vodka. I just started singing free style into the mic while playing my Yamaha PSR-6. My own personal hurricane
A pop-piano piece about things that I enjoy. and you can say whatever...
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