Cade Pope
Pop Lake Mary, FL  USA
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#39 (Sub-genre)
Original Contemporary Christian Song about trust
Peak position #8
A time in our future when EVERYONE knows that Jesus is Lord!
Peak position #49
Classical Instrumental in three movements based on "Know My Heart" by Cade Pope
Peak position #86
Contemporary Rock Ballad Suffering, Perseverance, Book of Job
Peak position #47
Inspired by a most excellent sermon by Rev. Wes Sharp.
Peak in sub-genre #9
Traditional Gospel/Praise Perseverance, Faith
Peak in sub-genre #21
Oh, that we would sing and PRAY this every day!
Peak in sub-genre #9
Taditional Worship Communion, Grace
Peak in sub-genre #26
Christ spreads his arms on the cross and says "I Love You This Much"
Peak position #37
Hit the road SIN! You're Not the boss of me. Jesus is the boss of me!
Peak in sub-genre #18
Spiritual and physical Healing, Mat 11:5, Psalms 103:3, 2 Cor 5:17
Peak position #23 1 1
A message to my sons as they leave home to find their path in the world.
Peak position #62
Instrumental; Traditional Worship Anthem. Psalm 43
Peak position #92
Traditional Worship Anthem - Instrmental
Peak in sub-genre #52
An instrumental of Love and Victory in memory of Russell.
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