Ether aka Lovable Frog
Alternative New York, NY  USA
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Ether was first known as Lovable Frog (a velvet-covered car air freshener). My partner was Amelia Fairweather - she sang, I played keyboards. Between 1986 and 1993 we wrote and recorded thirty songs, and performed relentlessly in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We released one album: TV, Church & Bars. At various times, the band included Malcolm Bertoni, Jan Whittington & John Mader (drums and percussion); Kevin O'Neal & Alan Whitman (bass); Nick Brophy (guitar); and The Gospel Hummingbirds (vocals). Many of our recordings were self-produced, but others were more ably handled by Gibbs Chapman, Jim Dean & Karl Derfler. We were managed by some very long-suffering and generous folks, including Michael Leshay, Sandra Austin Becky, and David Cremin. Our executive producers were David Cremin and Brian Brinkerhoff (for Vis-a-Vis Entertainment), Jamie Cohen (for Private Records), John Coon (for Sonet), and Indivision Records. Also check out my work as an opera composer
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