The Happy Cockatiel
World Hochheim, Germany
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Stefan Leipziger
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#27 (Main) 9 2
One of my best pieces - Yeah, do the tiel walk ;-) Best chart positions: # 8 in Jazz Charts, # 2 in Jazz Fusion Charts
Peak position #11 4
The famous song feat. Billie a.k.a. The Happy Cockatiel
Peak position #10 3
Listen to Newton's impressive voice ;-))) This is a remixed version of Newton's popular song!
3 1
Inspired by a poem I found on the Internet
Peak position #15 2
Dedicated to my friend Richard in the US and his little tiel Charlie
#42 (Main) 2
This little jazz piece tries to imitate the typical love call of cockatiels. Play it to your birdies, they'll like it ;-)
Peak position #15 1
Can you hear how the tiels want to get out? ;-))) This image shows Newton sitting on my keyboard!
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