Elyse Bruce
Acoustic Peterborough, ON  USA
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"How Do I Begin To Believe" is an inspirational song about self-empowerment that talks to the heart of rising above overwhelming challenges and obstacles in life.
#73 today (Main)
What happens when one person's perception is negated in favor of other decisions that are bound to have a negative effect on everyone?
Peak position #66
Advice from one perspective on living life that talks about living life on your own terms and taking an assertive stand. Lyrics are in French.
#35 today (Sub-genre)
Overcoming adversity as it presents itself in stereotypes can only be tempered when cooler heads prevail.
#10 today (Sub-genre)
Searching for true love hasn't changed across the generations. Social interactions may have but the search for a soul mate remains the same.
#66 today (Sub-genre)
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