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Peak position #43 1
Lately I've been experimenting with some EDM and here is my first finished track. Hope you enjoy!
A soulful sample over some trap influenced drums
Melodic trap track with a catchy string melody on top of bangin south style drums
Peak in sub-genre #95
A smooth blend of Guitar, flutes and worldly percussion. Would make a great Album Intro/Outro
Melodic synths, brass and keys over some crisp trap drums
Heavy 808s', Big trap drums and Melodic synths
A smooth HipHop/Rnb track with ambient chords and emotional synthetic guitars. A perfect track for Drake etc.
Hyphe track with a beat that's bound to make you bounce
A smooth blend of keys, pads, guitar and live drums
Peak position #96
Electronic/Dance track with synth leads and big drums. Would go great in the club
Hardcore hip hop track with lots of bounce and swing
Sampled hip hop track with bangin drums over jazzy melodies
Hyphy track with heavy bass and bounce
808 driven. Would set the club off!
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