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This is the Riitala solo project, stuff written and performed by (mostly) me in various musical styles.
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A prettyish 6/8 (mostly) guitar instrumental.
A driving rock tune with heavy guitars and a fretless bass solo. Guitar solo guested by Pete Kilpi.
A triplet-grooved instrumental somewhere on the border of fusion jazz and guitar rock.
An uptempo rocker, stylistically reminds me about something Glenn Frey might have done on No Fun Aloud -- but then, that's just my impression.
A guitar-led swinging statement.
Album: Bow The Statues Peak position #53
Some folks just want it all
...Dumbstruck by a new love
What you need after a rough landing
Peak in sub-genre #53
A short (for me), odd-beated but infectious and poppish lament about eagerly waiting for someone to come back.
A small town gets messed up.
When things start to go wrong
Peak in sub-genre #89
An acid jazz fusion instrumental. Guests: tp Fredrik Erlandsson, alto Tuomas Huttunen, bari Wellu Tuominen
Album: Bow The Statues Peak in sub-genre #40
A story bot what happens when the cat is away, set to somewhat off-beat (literally) music.
Peak in sub-genre #31
An exercise in 3/4 not equalling waltz.
Sometimes not everything is available.
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